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Product Design, Prototyping, Production, Shipping...

At Kondor Plastic Corporation every customer order is a special order. We pride ourselves on offering the kinds of services few other plastics manufacturers would provide.

Total Part Design, Custom Injection and Blow Molds: Leave the CAD expertise to us. If you have a part(s) in mind, in your hand, or sketched on the back of an envelope, we’ll design and build the molds and produce your products.

Production: Perhaps you already have the molds from a previous job and you'd like another run produced... not a problem! Just send us the molds and we'll do the manufacturing.

Prototypes and Small Runs: Most plastics shops  wouldn't bother running small quantities but at Kondor we understand if you'd rather not make more than you need. Give us a call and we'll give you an estimate.

Silk Screening, Labeling, Hot Stamping:  Not only can Kondor make the plastic parts but we'll also take care of silk screening, labeling, and packaging each unit as well.

Direct Shipping and Fullfillment:  We can send finished parts anywhere in the world, either directly to you or to your customers.
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