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The New 1oz. Madiera Tube

We at Kondor Plastics are pleased to introduce the newest addition to our line of plastic bottles the 1 oz. Madiera Tube.

This tube is available with key chain tab ( spec sheet, close-up image ) or without a key chain tab ( spec sheet, close-up image ), making it very versatile. The key chain tab enables it to be attached to key chains back packs belts and anywhere and everywhere a small dispensing container may be needed. Kids will love to have it hanging from their back packs full of sun block, skin lotion, or anything else conceivable This tab makes it very convenient for point of purchase displays as well.

Madiera Tube

Even without the key chain tab the Madiera Tube is great for holding and dispensing everything. Its small size makes the Madiera Tube convenient for carrying in a purse, pocket, or vehicle.

The Madiera Tube is in stock in white and natural but can be made in a variety of colors. We will be glad to provide you with any further information on this or any of our products. We hope you are as impressed by this bottle as we are.

Home | Products | Gallery | Services | Corporate Info
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