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About Kondor Plastic Corporation

Kondor Plastic Corp. would like to take this opportunity to familiarize you with our company. We offer custom manufacturing of plastic molded products, utilizing both injection molding and extrusion blow molding. We also provide custom mold design and tooling. In addition we offer our own line of proprietary products. This web site will provide drawings and pictures of some of our products. Kondor Plastic Corp. has been meeting and exceeding the demands of the plastics industry since 1965. Over the years we have expanded and currently have both an east coast and west coast division.

Our manufacturing department is able to meet the demands of a wide variety of customer needs. Our injection molding department includes 28 to 250 ton machines , offering a shot size from 1.5 to 32 ounces. Our blow molding department is able to handle up to a 32 ounce container.

Along with our production capabilities, our in-house engineering department is able to provide
custom mold design and tooling to meet the needs of all customers. The development of new products, beginning with an idea, and coming to fruition with a finished product is a step by step process we here at Kondor Plastic know very well. The head of our engineering department has been making molds for over 20 years, and has amassed a great deal of expertise in the field. Due to our experience, if a customer has a question concerning a type of molding we do not perform, oftentimes we are able to recommend other manufacturers specializing in what the customer requires.

Our goals here at Kondor Plastics are:

  1. To provide great customer service and quality
  2. To deliver when promised
  3. To offer pricing able to meet budgetary requirements
We believe our goals are met in every customer interaction. Our loyal customer base reinforces this belief.

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